Foundations: every business has one. Ours at Plymouth Foam was built by one man and then developed further by one family – the Roberts family. Tec Roberts founded this company way back in 1978 and two sons Scott and Vance Roberts carried on his legacy by taking over ownership of the company, because of their involvement with industry specific initiatives.


Every year around this time, our industry hosts a conference called the EPS EXPO. The conference provides an opportunity between suppliers and other businesses in the industry to meet, discuss issues in the industry and network within the EPS supply chain. The expo features table top exhibits that present equipment and other various suppliers. The expo is hosted by the EPS Industry Alliance and this marks the third year of the group being a consolidated industry association; when our industry all comes together, it’s important that Plymouth Foam participates (we like to collaborate – if you haven’t already picked up on that!)


However, Plymouth Foam played a bigger role in the EXPO than just attending and networking with other service providers in the industry. Every year the industry has an Award Ceremony and one of only two awards that were delivered is the “Roberts Service Award” … and yes, that’s the same Roberts family that built the foundation here at Plymouth Foam. We are very proud year after year to honor one individual that exemplifies the same type of work ethic and service work that our founding family, the Roberts, also displayed.


This year that award was delivered the first day of the conference in San Antonio, TX. The Award Ceremony on March 12th kicked off an information-packed few days as several speakers took the stage and discussed current issues in the industry including EPS Geofoam, recent developments of Expanded Polymer Foams and the future of flame retardants (just to name a few). The speakers also highlighted the global economic outlook and new government issues that impact the EPS industry.


This annual conference is important for the EPS industry, with countless businesses and contributors to the EPS supply chain all being represented in one place. With that said, we recognize how special it is for our very own foundation, the Roberts family, to be honored every year. Tec Roberts and his family have left a legacy that will carry on for many years to come. For more information about EPS EXPO 2014, please visit the EPS Industry Alliance website:http://www.epsindustry.org/eps-expo.