Expanding Horizons

We are excited and pleased to announce the addition of EPF (Engineered Particle Foams) to our repertoire of capabilities at Plymouth Foam! Currently, the materials that make up EPF include EPP (expanded polypropylene), EPE (expanded polyethylene) and, on the horizon, ETPU (expanded thermoplastic urethane). We anticipate additional materials in the future and will be positioning ourselves to embrace them as they become commercially available.

The exceptional properties of Engineered Particle Foams  are the main reasons that we have embraced them. Some of the most interesting and impressive features are recyclability, solvent resistance, superior strength-to-weight ratios, and chemical resistance. EPP & EPE are our main focus as we explore the wide range of applications beyond automotive. ETPU, which has seen success in the footwear industry, has relatively untapped potential in other market areas where its resiliency, toughness and special properties set it apart from current material solutions.

Our creative team, with its natural facility for brainstorming, is eager to offer solutions to your challenge. Talk to us.